Norway is often the first market for Swedish companies who are looking to grow global sales and the presence of Swedish companies in the market reflects this. Ease of doing business, high levels of trust, and a collaborative approach to innovation and sustainability are factors which influence business in Norway and many reflect the approach taken by Swedish companies.

While Norway has had a strong economy for a long time, it has not been immune to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, for many Swedish companies with interests in the country, this is not appearing to be a major factor in investment and growth plans.

Aligning with global mega-trends, Norway is also seeing the impact of the pandemic accelerating digitalisation and regionalisation, both of which provide scope for Swedish companies.

As Norway looks to focus on recovery of the economy, rather than limiting negative consequences, Swedish companies remain positive with the overall outlook.

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This survey was carried out between July and September 2020 and was sent to 243 executives representing Swedish firms doing business with or within Norway. A total of 74 companies provided answers; this is not representative of the business landscape but an indication those. Any of the statistics presented in this report are solely indicative of our respondents’ experience in and with Norway.


The Business Climate Survey is produced on a bi-annual basis by Team Sweden, a joint initiative where Business Sweden collaborates with Sweden’s local embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce around the world, among other stakeholders.

The survey provides first-hand perspectives and insights into business trends, issues and challenges in global markets based on extensive interviews with Swedish companies operating in each respective country.