Cars, trucks, airplanes, motorbikes and boats are all going electric in Sweden with many homegrown startups and large brands taking the international spotlight. What’s the secret behind the Swedish mobility sector’s bustling activity?

Business Sweden’s transport expert Martin Jönsson dives into the details in this pod-TV episode, taking a closer look at major mobility trends – from electrification and shared mobility to autonomous driving – and the business opportunities that lie ahead today.

“Collaboration is the key. In the future, it will not be new technologies that win but rather new systems that incorporate these technologies in innovative ways,” Jönsson says.

As always in this pod-TV series, our host Kristoffer Schjött-Quist wraps up with his “final five” quick-fire questions.

Host: Kristoffer Schjött-Quist

Guest: Martin Jönsson, Program Manager, Smart Transport, Business Sweden