Over four decades, China held the unrivalled position as the world's factory, but times have now changed. Against the backdrop of increased automation, labour costs that are reaching parity with the West and, not least, the need for climate action, new China strategies are emerging among Swedish companies.

In this first episode of Business Sweden News, we explore the most recent challenges in the Chinese market involving continued shutdowns, delivery problems and geopolitical tensions – and how companies can successfully navigate the new playing field.

Guests in the programme:

  • Frédéric Cho, Vice Chairman of the Sweden-China Trade Council, Analyst and Advisor
  • Daniela Ling-Vannerus Cassmer, CEO of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China
  • Mats Harborn, Executive Director, Scania China Group
  • Joakim Abeleen, Trade Commissioner, Business Sweden

Host: Charlotte Rylme, Business Sweden