Business opportunities often relate to a skilled workforce, new customers, cost efficiency and different kind of networks, such as innovation systems or clusters. Many of these opportunities are regional or local in character, wherefore Swedish investment promotion is handled through regional bodies responsible for attracting investments as well as leading and coordinating the long-term cooperation for export promotion worldwide.

Investment promotion cooperation

Business Sweden cooperates with the regional Team Sweden agencies to identify business and investment opportunities, market them internationally and deliver the best possible service to potential investors. Different regions have complementary competences, which means that Business Sweden from a national level can aggregate more competitive investment opportunities to international investors.

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Regional export centres and trade promotion activities

Alongside the creation of Team Sweden, the Swedish government have developed regional export centres around Sweden. The establishment was based on the specific conditions of each region which has resulted in slightly different set-ups in the regions. 

The work of the regional export centres focuses on common activities such as joint customer interactions, seminars and conferences. Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) coordinates the effort in order to secure knowledge transfer between the regions as well as granting project financing to support the efforts. Business Sweden is a key player to reach the goal of the regional export centers and an active partner in the joint activities arranged.

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